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Butler County, AL Historical Society, Vol. XIII, No. 1

POWELL/SIMS - Samuel L. POWELL and Martha M. SIMS, December 19, 1873.
MAY/JOHNSON - E.A. MAY and Mary A. JOHNSON, June 11, 1873.
DACKENS/CROSLEY - G.W. DACKENS and Frances Ellen CROSLEY, May 18, 1873.
BURGIN/HARRISON - James J. BURGIN and Mary Jane HARRISON, May 29, 1873.
MC LEOD/WASDEN -James MC LEOD and Martha WASDEN, June 5, 1873.
SAWYER/MARTIN - Stephen D. SAWYER and Palmira L. MARTIN, June 25, 1873.
SPENCE/EDWARDS - George A. SPENCE and Mary L. EDWARDS, May 30, 1873.
PHELPS/COLEMAN - Samuel PHELPS and Julia Ann COLEMAN, June 1, 18783.
POWELL/MELTON - James POWELL and Pheriby C. MELTON, June 23, 1873.
BRASWELL/MAJORS - William BRASWELL and Kesiah MAJORS, July 10, 1873.
GAFFORD/PHELPS - G.W. GAFFORD and Mary Jane PHELPS, July 17, 1873.
RILEY/PAYNE - Fred RILEY and Maria PAYNE, July 26, 1873.
WILSON/REYNOLDS - J.W. WILSON and Victoria REYNOLDS, August 17, 1873.
ODOM/MOSES - James R. ODOM and Susan MOSES, August 17, 1873.
HERBERT/COOK - Willis HERBERT and Rachael COOK, July 22, 1873.
HAWKINS/TILLERY - John HAWKINS and Mary TILLERY (widow), July 31, 1873.
MERCER/GRISWALD - Henry MERCER and Sarah C. GRISWALD, August 14, 1873.
BURKETT/SHESHANE - George BURKETT and Mary SHESHANE, July 23, 1873.
CURRINGTON/CAMPBELL - Mathew CURRINGTON and Martha A. CAMPBELL, August 23, 1873.
HARRISON/FAILS - McDaniel HARRISON and Martha Ann FAILS, August 28, 1873.
SMITH/WEBB - James I. SMITH and Margaret E. WEBB, September 3, 1873.
MASTYN/WILSON - Thomas W. MASTYN and Sarah R.A. WILSON, September 28, 1873.
HEATON/SIMPSON - F.E. HEATON and Eugenia C. SIMPSON, October 30, 1873.
PARKER/PRESLEY - Mason PARKER and Sophronia PRESLEY, October 29, 1873.
BUSBY/GRAHAM - Nathaniel A. BUSBY and Martha Jane GRAHAM, December 14, 1873.
MANNING/CONWAY - Canna MANNING and Mary Emma CONWAY, December 11, 1873.
LUCKIE/TILL - Middleton A. LUCKIE and Talitha A. TILL, December 39, 1873.
EVANS/GILCHRIST - J.H. EVANS and M.V. GILCHRIST, November 12, 1873.
HENDERSON/TAYLOR - Shadrack M. HENDERSON (37) and Sally E. TAYLOR (24), October 28, 1873.
PUGH/BRYANT - Ira PUGH and Frances BRYANT, September 30, 1873.
SUTHERLAND/LEWIS - Peter W. SUTHERLAND and Mary LEWIS, December 9, 1873.
OBRIEN/WILSON - John F. OBRIEN and Eliza A. WILSON, November 27, 1873.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, March 30, 1903, p. 9

O'BRIEN - In SF, March 27, 1903, Michael J. husband of Alice O'BRIEN, son of Anne and the late Michael O'BRIEN, brother of Mrs. J.J.O. GRADY, Mrs. J. CULLEN, Mrs. M. ROGERS, Terence, Luke, and Patrick O'BRIEN and J.R. KELLY, nephew of Mrs. B. WALSH and Luke O'BRIEN, a native of San Francisco, aged 34 years. Funeral March 30, 1903, interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
OWENS - In SF, March 21, Sarah E., daughter of Owen T. and Annie OWENS, a native of San Francisco, aged 23 years and 5 months.
SAGE -In Irvington, Alameda Co., CA, March 29, 1903, Charles H., husband of Jennie SAGE and brother of Elizabeth SAGE and Mrs. M.J. KIETH, a nataive of Lafayette, Indiana, aged 50 years. Funeral March 31, 1903, interment St. Joseph's Cemetery, Mission San Jose.
SCHORD - In Phoenix, AZ, March 23, 1903, Louis G. SCHORD, Jr., son of L.G. and Flora A. SCHORD, brother of Milford, Robert, William E., and Clara M. SCHORD, a native of San Francisco, aged 28 years, 6 months and 21 days.
SPAMER - In SF, March 29, 1903, Katherina SPAMER, widow of the late Adam SPAMER, mother of Justus A. and Henry C. SPAMER, a native of Germany, aged 78 years, 5 months and 10 days.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, March 30, 1903, p. 9

Death Notices:
LYNCH - Hanora.
MARTEL - Emma.
MC NAMARA - Thomas.
NAGLE - William A.
O'BRIEN - Michael J.
OWENS - Sarah E.
SAGE - Charles H.
SCHORD - Louis G.
SPAMER - Katherina.
STOLT -Mrs. Elise A.
WALKER - John C.
WEIGEL - Marie.
WOLFROM - Eugene R.
WOOD - Nellie J.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, August 18, 1901, p. 30

ALBERT - In SF, August 13, 1901, Louis ALBERT, a native of SF, age 36 years, 11 months, 26 days. Funeral August 18, 1901, interment Masonic Cemetery.
BARTLETT - In SF, August 16, 1901, Domitilla, wife of Joseph L. BARTLETT and sister of Mrs. Minnie BEEMAN, Mrs. Mollie WILLIAMS, and Mat OREAMANO, a native of California, aged 42 years, 5 months.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, August 18, 1901, p. 30

Death Notices:
ALBERT - Louis.
BARTLETT - Domitilla.
BASIZZA - George.
BRADY - Edward.
CANAVAN - Martin.
FARRELL - Thomas.
GISLER - Maria.
HOLMES - Robert.
INGELL - George P.
LEVY - Samuel.
NEWTON - William G.
O'BRIEN - John.
SERVANT - Wentworth.
TAYLOR - Gertrude B.
WHITE - Thomas.
WISE - Rosa.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, August 18, 1901, p. 30

ALLEN/MORTENSEN - In SF, August 15, 1901, Charles I. ALLEN and Maria MORTENSEN, both of San Francisco.
ARNHOLD/RENKEN - In SF, August 10, 1901, Eugene M. ARNHOLD and Wilhelmine RENKEN.
CLARKIN/BARRETT - In San Rafael, April 27, 1901, Thomas F. CLARKIN and Mary T. BARRETT, both of San Francisco.
DONNELL/ADAMS - In SF, August 11, 1901, William J. DONNELL and Caroline ADAMS.
GRAY/CRUMMEY - In SF, August 12, 1901, William P. GRAY and Lillian T. CRUMMEY, both of San Francisco.
NEWPORT/DINEEN - In SF, August 14, 1901, Lawrence W. NEWPORT and Catherine A. DINEEN, both of San Francisco.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, August 18, 1901, p. 30

MERRILL - In SF, August 13, 1901, to the wife of George A. MERRILL, a daughter.
ROACH - In SF, August 8, 1901, to the wife of J.E. ROACH, a son.
ROBERTS - In SF, August 16, 1901, to the wife of J.C. ROBERTS, a daughter.
SLATE - In SF, August 16, 1901, to the wife of John E. SLATE, a daughter.
SCOTT - In SF, August 13, 1901, to the wife of H.S. SCOTT, a daughter.
SMITH - In Petaluma, August 5, 1901, to the wife of R.J. SMITH, a son.
THAIN - In SF, August 16, 1901, to the wife of Frederick THAIN, a daughter.

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San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle, March 29, 1981

BILLE - Alan Modlin
CAMERON - Edmee A.
CLARK -James J.
COOK - Mary M.
DAUGHERTY - Herbert S.
FLOOD - John A. In San Francisco, March 29, 1981, father of Anne LEVINE and James FLOOD, both of Massachusetts, grandfather of four, brother of Catherine CARNEY and Gertrude VERA, a vet of WWII, USN. Funeral March 30, 1981, Riverside National Cemetery.
HOLEN - Mary J. March 26, 1981, wife of the late John T. HOLEN, mother of John HOLEN, sister of Eleanor MURPHY, Kathleen and Eugene WALL. Funeral March 30, 1981, interment Golden Gate National Cemetery.
HURLEY - Julie. In San Mateo, March 27, 1981, daughter of David and Helena HURLEY, sister of Gregory, Martin, Stephen, Peter, and Mark HURLEY, granddaughter of Mrs. Helena JANI and Mr. and Mrs. David HURLEY. A native of San Francisco, age 17 years.
JONES - Kenneth P.H.
KENNEALLY - William J.
LE BLANC - Donald
PARMETT - Adaline
REGALIA - Pierina
SORIKOFF - John A. March 27, 1981, husband of June SORIKOFF, father of Bill, Al, Steve, John, Walt, and Bob SORIKOFF and Katherine WOODS. A native of Russia, funeral March 29, 1981, interment Russian Sectarian.
SPRAGG - Rosalie. March 25, 1981, cousin of Joan and Carlton COLOMBAT and Francis COLOMBAT, a native of San Francisco. Funeral March 30, 1981, interment Cypress Lawn Memorial Park.
STEIN - Karin L. Accidentally, near San Mateo, March 27, 1981, daughter of Peter and Katherine STEIN, sister of Charlotte M. and Linda K. STEIN, granddaughter of Fritz and Martha STEIN and James J. and Dorothy M. DIAMOND. Age 17 years.
TREACY - Richard J. (Dick)
VALLY - Dudley O.
VERDIER - Adrien L. In San Francisco, March 27, 1981, husband of the late Rose VERDIER, father of Thomas VERDIER, grandfather of Bryce VERDIER, father-in-law of Francine VERDIER, friend of Helen PINQUIE, a native of San Francisco, age 73. Private interment.
VON OESEN - Wilhelmine. In San Francisco, March 27, 1981, wife of the late Henry VON OESEN, sister-in-law of Anna SCHIPPMANN and Thea SCHEIDING. Funeral March 30, 1981, entombment Cypress Lawn Memorial Park.
WHEATLEY - Eddie Jr.

San Francisco Call Bulletin, July 23, 1901, p. 11

Marriage Licenses:
RONAN/MC KEOWN - Joseph H. RONAN, 29, Oakland, and Alice T. MC KEOWN, 24, San Francisco.
LAWRENCE/LAWRENCE - James H. LAWRENCE, 70, and Mary V. LAWRENCE, 50, both San Francisco.
MILLER/WARD - Ferdinand MILLER, 39, and Lile WARD, 29, both San Francisco.
ARNHOLD/RENKEN -Eugene M. ARNHOLD, 35, and Wilhelmine RENKEN, 22, both San Francisco.
BOWEN/SLATER - Edwin N. BOWEN, 34, Spokane, WA, and Adelaide A. SLATER, 24, San Francisco.
O'BRIEN/CLANCY - Jerome H. O'BRIEN, 33, and Mary T. CLANCY, 20, both San Francisco.
TINGLE/ALEXANDER - Charles G. TINGLE, 24, Vallejo, and Mabel S. ALEXANDER, 21, Los Angeles.
KEISKER/MILBURN - Frederick W. KEISKER, 30, and Abbie MILBURN, 30, both Fresno.
REIBER/SUTER - Philip REIBER, 40, and Mary SUTER, 40, both San Francisco.
WADE/CHRISTOPHER - Howard B. WADE, 24, and Mabel K. CHRISTOPHER, 21, both San Francisco.
ENGDAHL/PETERSEN - Ernest O. ENGDAHL, 21, and Bessie PETERSEN, 18, both San Francisco.
BARUCHT/HAFFNER - Frank E. BARUCHT, 23, Greeley, CO, and Rose M. HAFFNER, 23, Harbor Springs, MI.
GWYNNE/LOWERY - Thomas G. GWYNNE, 33, Everett, WA, and Bertha C. LOWERY, 24, Austin, TX.
JUNIOR/RODGERS - Manuel V. JUNIOR, 22, and Gloria RODGERS, 16, both San Francisco.
WILLIAMS/EWING -Thomas S. WILLIAMS, 21, and Ellen E. EWING, 21, both San Francisco.
BRIGHT/KNOWLES - Glenn M. BRIGHT, 22, and Roberta KNOWLES, 22, both San Francisco.

San Francisco Examiner, September 26, 1955, p. 55, col. 8

THEUER - In San Francisco, September 23, 1955, Frieda M. THEUER, sister of Gustave and Albert TRESTER and Helene RINGLAND, mother of Robert THEUER. Funeral September 26, 1955, interment Olivet Memorial Park.
THORBJORNSEN - In San Francisco, September 25, 1955, Thomas (Tobey) THORBJORNSEN, son of the late Tobias and Karen THORBJORNSEN, brother of Mrs. Josephine THORSEN, Mrs. Anna SMITH and the late Carl THORSEN, uncle of Mrs. Dorothy COLGIN, Mrs. Claire JOHNSON, and the late Ken PORTLOCK, a native of San Francisco. Funeral September 28, 1955, interment Golden Gate National Cemetery.
WILLIAMS - In San Francisco, September 23, 1955, Merle WILLIAMS, mother of Mrs. Audrey Louise PLASS of Portland, OR and Mrs. Merle Lovern DUTTON of Houston, TX, sister of Roy F. GRAY, daughter of the late James F. and Henrietta GRADY, a native of San Francisco. Funeral September 27, 1955.

San Francisco Chronicle, 27 June, 1918, p. 4, col. 7

JAEHNE - In San Francisco, June 16, 1918, Augusta A. JAEHNE, wife of the late Moritz JAEHNE and mother of Mrs. Elsa Scheib DITTRICH and B.W. JAEHNE, a native of Germany, 75 years, 18 days. Private interment.
JOHNSON - In San Francisco, June 15, 1918, Mary S. JOHNSON, mother of Mrs. Lafayette H. DE FRIESE, Mrs. Edward H. KITTREDGE and Walter Perry JOHNSON. Funeral June 18, 1918, private interment.
JOHNSTON -In Berkeley, June 15, 1918, Kate L. JOHNSTON, widow of the late John JOHNSTON, mother of Mrs. E.J. SMITH and Mrs. M.T. JOST, a native of New York, 75 years, 10 months, 21 days. Service and interment private.
JURAT - In San Rafael, June 15, 1918, Stephen JURAT, a native of Sipany, Sipuria, Dalmatia, Austria, age 84 years. Funeral Wednesday, June 19, 1918, Holy Cross Cemetery.
KEARNS - In San Francisco, June 16, 1918, James J., husband of Agnes KEARNS, father of Ethel E. KEARNS and Mrs. May GRUNDIG, and brother of the late Mrs. J. PIPER and Mrs. L. MAZZINI, a native of California. Funeral Tuesday, June 18, 1918. High mass at St. Dominic's Church.