Friday, November 13, 2009

San Francisco Examiner, September 4, 1940, p. 13

Marriage Licenses Issued:
ATKINSON/MC ASEY - Bernard ATKINSON, 23, and June MC ASEY, 23, both of SF.
BALESTRIERI/DE LUCCA - Ignatius C. BALESTRIERI, 25, and Anna DE LUCCA, 25, both SF.
POLLICCI/PLATT - Richard H. POLLICCI, 23, SF, and Mable M. PLATT, 23, South SF.
BRADSHAW/BIANCO - John BRADSHAW, 28, and Theresa BIANCO, 38, both SF.
GILBERTSON/PUGH - Raymond GILBERTSON, 25, and Murial PUGH, 20, both SF.
GLASER/MIRAGLIA - Arthur C. GLASER, 24, and Thelma MIRAGLIA, 22, both SF.
HAMAMOTO/KOZIUMI - Takio HAMAMOTO, 30, Oakland, and Tami KOZIUMI, 22, SF.
JACOBS/MARZISON - Walter JACOBS, 21, and Ann MARBISON [sic?], 26, both SF.
KOHLER/LOWDEN - William KOHLER, Jr., 24, SF, and Nancy C. LOWDEN, 25, Eureka.
MC KIERNAN/FINN - Robert M. MC KIERNAN, 26, and Eileen FINN, 23, both SF.
NELSON/BROWN - Erwin NELSON, 21, Portland, OR, and Lois BROWN, 19, SF.
PERATTO/NARDT - Ernest PERATTO, 36, and Lena NARDT, 31, both SF.
PRYOR/MOHR - Mervin G. PRYOR, 22, and Edna E. MOHR, 21, both SF.

The Montana Madisonian, November 20, 1897

WATSON/HALL - at Billings, R.J. Watson, step-son of E.H. BARTLETT, married November 9 [or 16?], 1897 to Hallie HALL.

The Montana Madisonian, November 20, 1897

THOMPSON - Riley, near Sheridan, November 11 [or 18?], 1897, a resident of Ruby Valley, survived by sister and brother-in-law Samuel MC CREA, burial in Sheridan Cemetery.
MC DONALD - Dr. John A., Helena physician, of heart failure.
WEHRMAN - Louis H., druggist, a suicide.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

SF Sunday Examiner & Chronicle, Nov 23, 1980 p. 11

AMARAL - John, November 22, 1980, husband of Rose, father of Josephine FLANSBURG and Kay DONAHOO, father-in-law of Edgar DONAHOO and Chester L. FLANSBURG, grandfather of Wayne FLANSBURG, Marlene O'DONNELL, Jack DONAHOO, Karen TOTT, Patricia CASTRO and 11 great-grandchildren, also survived by five sisters, a native of San Francisco, aged 84 years. Burial November 25, 1980, Olivet Memorial Park.
ARTOUX - Julia (Julie) B., in Redwood City, November 21, 1980, wife of Armand (Frenchy) E. ARTOUX, sister of Sophie CICH, Josephine WACHOWSKI, Pete PORADYIA, Jean SCHUBERT, and Veronica REARDON, all of Illinois [rest of article is cut off].
CADY - Raymond H., in Palo Alto, November 20, 1980, husband of Clara I. CADY of Berkeley, father of Merilyn D. COOK of Richmond, Paula C. SPAULDING of Tacoma, WA, brother of Helen KELLY of Sacramento, grandfather of Joan BRADFORD and Catherine COOK of Richmond, Raymond and Rebecca SPAULDING of Tacoma, WA, uncle of Yvonne BAILEY of Sacramento, a native of Sacramento. Funeral November 25, 1980,Oakmont Memorial Park, Lafayette, CA.
CARDINALE - Anthony V., in San Rafael, November 21, 1980, husband of the late Mary CARDINALE, father of Mary PAGE, Alyce ALMAN [could be AIMAN], Janice SALVATO, Joann HYNDMAN, and Judy BRANDT, brother of Joe CARDINALE and Pauline BARBATA, survived by 13 grandchildren, a native of San Francisco, aged 64 years.
CORDES - John, in Gelsenkirchen, West Germany, November 20, 1980, survived by sister Elizabeth of Gelsenkirchen, sister-in-law of Mrs. Joseph (Elizabeth) CORDES of San Francisco and nephew Joseph CORDES of Fairfax, VA, aged 76 years, a naturalized citizen living in the Bay Area for over 50 years. Interment at the family plot in Gelsenkirchen, West Germany.
COTTON - Cecilia, November 21, 1980, wife of the late Cecil J. COTTON, survived by three nephews and two nieces, a native of Ljubjana, Yugoslavia. Funeral November 25, 1980, Holy Cross Cemetery.
CRISTOFANI - Marie, November 18, 1980, wife of Alfred CRISTOFANI, sister of Rita CONVERY and the late Susie THOMAS, Howard, Clare, and Daniel CONVERY, sister-in-law of Inez TODT and Inez CONVERY, a native of San Francisco [rest of article is cut off].
FREEDMAN - Benjamin W., in Palo Alto, November 22, 1980, husband of Celia FREEDMAN, brother of Sadie GREENBERG, Miriam BERGER, Ted FREEDMAN, Annabel FINKS, and the late Al, Evelyn, Lou, and Joe FREEDMAN, brother-in-law of Sidney BERGER, Fay FREEMAN [should be FREEDMAN?], Gertrude FREEDMAN, Florence ROSENHOLTZ, Adele BLOOM and Doris BLOOM, uncle of Sharon and Milton KALMAN and numerous other nieces and nephews, an Army veteran of WWII. Funeral November 23, 1980, Gardens of Eternity.
GARCIA - Mary, November 20, 1980, wife of the late John B. GARCIA, mother of William B., John Jr., and Richard GARCIA, Theresa SLEDD and the late Inez BATRES and Mary GARCIA, grandmother of 14, great-grandmother of seven, a native of Mexico. Funeral November 24, 1980, Holy Cross Cemetery.
GASPAROVICH - Mike (Milan), in San Francisco, November 21, 1980, friend of Milena (GLEGG) Gasparovich, brother of Steve S. GASPAROVICH of Sonoma and Frances PAPEZ of Australia, uncle of Helen BARAZOTO, Stephanie WILLIS, Steve PAPEZ, Michael and Steve GASPER, also cousins Joe URBAN and Louis PASTRELL. Funeral November 25, 1980, Holy Cross Cemetery.
HENDERSON -Elizabeth, in SF, November 22, 1980, cousin of Mary Joe KRAEMER, friend of Cora JACKSON, funeral November 25, 1980.
HODKINS - Elsa K. and Frederick L., October 29, 1980 and November 12, 1980, ages 90 and 92.
KOVACEVICH - Krsto (Chris), in SF, November 20, 1980, husband of the late Josephine LYONS KOVACEVICH, brother of Mrs. Yana MELICH of Yugoslavia, a native of Yugoslavia. Funeral November 24, 1980.
KYRIOS - John N., November 2, 1980, native of Greece, age 82. Funeral November 24, 1980, Greek Cemetery.
LIM - Rafael H., in SF, November 19, 1980, husband of Protacia LIM, father of Leopoldo, Edhardo, Ralph, Romeo, Virgilio, Rafael, Federico, Linda, Myrna, Mila, Edith, and the late Manuel LIM, father-in-law of Delores, Necitas, and Milagros LIM, son-in-law of Leoncia C. VIRAY, 11 grandchildren. Funeral November 24, 1980, Olivet Memorial Park.
MENENDEZ - Andres, in SF, November 19, 1980, husband of Leticia MENENDEZ, a native of El Salvador. Funeral November 24, 1980, interment Italian Cemetery.
MERCURIO - Anthony (Tony), November 20, 1980, son of the late Gaetano and Teresa MERCURIO, brother of Sam, Vincent, Frank, and Tom MERCURIO, Jennie SUTTLE and Rose KNIGHT, age 67 years. Funeral November 24, 1980, entombment Italian Cemetery.
MEYER - Mabel WILSON, in SF, November 20, 1980, wife of the late Wilson MEYER, mother of Harriet M. QUARRE and Jeffery W. MEYER, grandmother of Pamela MC LAUGHLIN, Elizabeth HELMAN, Catherine ALEXANDER, Wilson, Simone, and Marianne QUARRE, four great-grandchildren, daughter of of the late Arthur and Alice WILSON, a native of California, aged 80 years. Funeral November 24, 1980 [rest of article is cut off].
RENARD - Roland (Ray), in Stanford, November 21, 1980, husband of Julia RENARD of San Jose, father of Charles, Frances, and Richard RENARD, grandfather of James, Laurie, and Chris STAPLETON, Ryan, Chad, and Benjamin RENARD, brother of Louis I. SMITH, a native of SF, age 76 years. Funeral November 24, 1980, Los Gatos Memorial Park.
SOLLMAN - Dorothy, in SF, November 19, 1980, sister of the late T. Gordon SOLLMAN.
STALLARD - Gladys B., in Oakland, November 20, 1980, wife of the late Thomas A. STALLARD, mother of Helen GOTHRUP, Betty NICKELL, and Barbara BUCKHORN, 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, a native of SF, age 87 years.
VANISKO - Alvyna M., in SF, November 20, 1980, wife of Andrew John VANISKO, sister of the late Bressel CORLEY, a native of SF.
VENSANO - Teresa A., in San Jose, November 17, 1980, wife of the late Harry C. VENSANO, mother of Mrs. Kathryn KING and mother-in-law of Dr. John M. KING, both of San Jose, grandmother of Susan WRIGHT of Palo Alto, Sally SPADAFORE of San Jose, and Kathryn LONGINOTTI of Berkeley, grandmother of seven, native of Amador County, aged 102 years. Entombment Holy Cross Cemetery.
VON OESEN - Henry, in SF, November 20, 1980, husband of Wilhelmine VON OESEN, brother of Thea SCHEIDING, Annie SHIPPMANN, and Ella HOHORST, a native of Germany, aged 81 years. Funeral November 24, 1980, Cypress Lawn Cemetery.
WINDERS - Donald N., November 16, 1980, son of the late Norbert and Alta WINDERS. Interment Woodlawn memorial Park.