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Boothill, Arizona Grave Yard Burials

Row 3:
BEATHER - 1881, hanged.
KING - 1881, suicide by strychnine.
BRODINES - Ernest, murdered in 1882, native of Geermany.
MC DERMOTT - J.D., killed 1882 when horse fell on him crossing the San Pedro River.
LINDLEY - Judge Charles LINDLEY died September 1882.
MARTIN - John, killed in 1882 while working on the Huachuca water line, a native of England.
ROOK - Shot in front of Yaple's store.
MANADA - Joseph, 1882.
FUSS - Freddie, small boy who died in 1882 from drinking stagnant or poison mine water.
BROWN - Mrs. R.L, 1882, hotel proprietress, from natural causes.
BILLINGS - Elizabeth, 1884.
SOUTHY - Francis, 1881.
HEATH - John, lynched on February 22, 1884.

Boothill, Arizona Grave Yard Burials

Row 2:
CLANTON - "Old Man" CLANTON ambushed on cattle drive.
CLANTON - Billy, 1881, during OK Corral battle with EARP Brothers and "Doc" HOLLIDAY.
MC LOWERY - Tom, 1881, during OK Corral battle with EARP Brothers and "Doc" HOLLIDAY.
MC LOWERY - Frank, 1881, during OK Corral battle with EARP Brothers and "Doc" HOLLIDAY.
HICKEY - James, 1881, shot by William CLAYBORNE.
CASSIDINE - Dennis, killed 1879.
HICKS - John, 1879, shot by Jeremiah MC CORMICK during a saloon brawl.
MORGAN - Thomas, 1882.
WETSELL - Joseph, killed 1882 by Apaches.
DELOACH - A., 1882.
CLAYBORNE - William, 1882, shot by Frank LESLIE.
TOBY - Dick, shot by Sheriff BEHAN.
GRAY - Verone, suicide.
SULLIVAN - Jerry, 1881.
DOWD - Dan, hanged March 8, 1884, for robbery of a store in Bisbee.
SAMPLE - Red, hanged March 8, 1884, for robbery of a store in Bisbee.
HOWARD - Tex, hanged March 8, 1884, for robbery of a store in Bisbee.
DELANEY - Bill, hanged March 8, 1884, for robbery of a store in Bisbee.
KELLEY - Dan, hanged March 8, 1884, for robbery of a store in Bisbee.

Boothill, Arizona Grave Yard Burials

Row 1:
PETRON - Rodriguez, stabbed (no other info listed).
BYRNE - Pat, 1882, pneumonia.
WATERS -Eva, 3 months old, scarlet fever.
FLORENTINO - Sometimes called Indian Charlie, murdered, 1882.
VAN HOUTEN - murdered, 1879, beaten to death over mining claim.
WATERS - Tom, shot 1880, father of Eva, likely shot over the color of his shirt.
HELM - Charles, shot 1882 by William MC CAULEY.
BARTON - Jonathon, 1881.
DAVES - Louis, 1882.
GREGORY - Thomas, 1882.
GREGORY - small son of Thomas died of meningitis 1882.
LUCERO - Holo, 1882, killed by Indians.
SMITH - Peter, 1882, age 23, native of Germany, killed by Thomas DONALD (or DOLAND).
SMITH - Mrs. H.C., 1882.
VON - Jasper, shot, 1882.

Montana Madisonian, January 13, 1899

METZEL - Hon. Alex METZEL, January 10, 1899, at his York Ranch home, born January 14, 1835 at York, PA, husband of the late Annie E. SPICER METZEL of Indianola, IA, father of Frank S., Thomas A., Charles, William, and Albert, burial January 12, 1899. (A copy of this fairly lengthy article is free for the asking to anyone wishing to have it!)

San Francisco Examiner, Monday, Jan. 17, 1949, p. 15, c. 6

HOLCOMB - Redwood City, January 15, 1949, Claire Wilson HOLCOMB, wife of the late William H. HOLCOMB, mother of Robert Wilson HOLCOMB of Philadelphia, native of California, funeral January 18, 1949.
INTEMANN - San Francisco, January 15, 1949, Edna Bernadine INTEMANN, wife of Hermann INTEMANN, mother of Marvin INTEMANN, daughter of Selma and the late Oscar CARLSON, grandmother of Gary and Jeffrey INTEMANN, funeral January 18, 1949, entombment at Cypress Lawn Catacombs, Colma, CA.
JONES - San Francisco, January 14, 1949, Sarah Ann JONES, wife of the late James JONES, mother of Mrs. Elizabeth GOODWIN, grandmother of Leslie and Norman GOODWIN, native of Salford, England, 70 years, funeral January 17, 1949, interment at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA.
KELLY - January 14, 1949, Margaret E., wife of the late Patrick J. KELLY, mother of John KELLY, Agnes HEGARTY, Mrs. Ann MC GOWAN, and the late Magaret LEE, grandmother of Marilyn LEE and Edward J. HEGARTY, mother-in-law of Andrew MC GOWAN, native of San Jose, CA, age 72.

San Francisco Examiner, August 15, 1944, p. 11, c. 6

HOHL (HALL) - San Francisco, John B. HOHL, also known as Jack HALL, husband of Pauline W. HOHL, son of Mrs. HOHL AMANN, brother of Conrad, Christian, Helm, and Hedwig HOHL and Clar HOHL STECHER of Switzerland and Eugene HOHL of Los Angeles, age 38, a native of Switzerland, funeral August 16, 1944, Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, CA.
INTEMANN - San Francisco, August 13, 1944, Hinrich (Henry), husband of Katharina INTEMANN, father of Richard and Hermann, grandfather of Wilma, Pvt. Harold, and Marvin INTEMANN, native of Germany, 81 years, funeral August 15, interment Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA.
KEARNEY - August 13, 1962, William, husband of Kate KEARNEY, father of William K., Eileen M., and Kathleen A. KEARNEY, brother of Pat KEARNEY, Mrs. Daniel MULLEN, Mrs. Nellie O'BRIEN, Mrs. Robert OLSON, the late Bridie KEARNEY and Mrs. James MANNING, native of Bantry, County Cork, Ireland.

San Francisco Examiner, June 19, 1962, p. 26, c. 7

ROTH - Menlo Park, June 18, 1962, Isabelle ROTH, wife of Herbert W. ROTH, sister of J.A. SMITH of Ajo, Arizona, a native of Eskridge, KS, age 73, funeral June 20, 1962, interment at Skylawn Cemetery, San Mateo, CA.
SCHEIDING - San Francisco, June 17, 1962, Wilhelm B. SCHEIDING, husband of Thea A. SCHEIDING, brother of Louise MATTHES, Elsa KOCH, Ludwig and Louis SCHEIDING, a native of Germany, funeral June 20, 1962, interment at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA.
SEMPLE - Thomas B. SEMPLE, husband of Jeanette SEMPLE, brother of Thankful PERAULT of Richmond, interment at Woodland Memorial Park, Colma, CA.

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Brooklyn Eagle, June 16, 1873, p. 3

BRADLEY - Brooklyn, June 14, 1873, Frederick W. BRADLEY, in the 74th year of his age, funeral June 17, 1873.
BROWNE - June 15, Margaret, youngest child of Timothy and Julia BROWNE, age 11 months.
CRISTY - Drowned while bathing at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, June 14, William S. CHRISTY, only son of James and E.J. CHRISTY of Brooklyn.
CHRISTIANSEN - Miss Johanna CHRISTIANSEN, June 15, 1873, teacher, funeral June 17.
DEZENDORF - Brooklyn, June 15, Andrew L. DEZENDORF, son of A.P. and the late Andrew DEZENDORF, age 26 years, funeral June 19, 1873.
PETTIBONE - June 15, Hiram A. PETTIBONE, funeral June 17, 1873.
SMITH - June 14, Mary E. wife of Joseph T. SMITH and second daughter of Bradford HORTON in the 28th year of her age, funeral June 17, 1873.
SPAULDING - Brooklyn, June 15, Nellie, wife of Charles W. SPAULDING and daughter of Thomas STRATTON, Esq., funeral June 18, 1873.
WATERBURY - June 14, James M. WATERBURY, funeral June 17, 1873.
WILSON - June 16, James H. WILSON, husband of Julia A. WILSON, age 28 years.

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Brooklyn Eagle, January 5, 1874, p. 3

BARKER - January 5, 1874, Harriet, wife of Daniel BARKER.
BROWN - January 4, 1874, Richard, age 4 years, 8 months, 4 days.
DOW - At Lexington, KY, January 3, 1874, Katie, wife of Andrew DOW and daughter of the late William TROOP, 31st year of her age.
DWYER - January 3, 1874, at his residence, 65 Marion Street, New York, of pneumonia, Thomas DWYER, 54 years, son-in-law: Alderman O'REILLY, Twelfth Ward, Brooklyn, funeral, January 6, 1874.
HINSDALE - In Brooklyn, January 3, Isaac O. HINSDALE, 57th year of his age, funeral January 7, 1874.
HOYT - January 2, from neuralgia of the heart, Nancy, widow of G.P.B. HOYT, age 73 years, funeral January 6, 1874.
JOHNSON - In Brooklyn, January 4, Robert K. JOHNSON, in the 40th year of his age, funeral January 6, 1874.
NEWTON - In Jersey City, January 3, Jennie F., widow of the late C.W. NEWTON, funeral January 6, 1874.
SPARROW - January 4, Sarah M., wife of Orson C. SPARROW, M.D., in the 29th year of her age, funeral January 6, 1874.
TILLEY - At Long Island, January 2, Sampson C. TILLEY, in the [hard to read, but looks like] 73rd year of his age, funeral January 6, 1874.