Friday, June 26, 2009

San Francisco Examiner, Monday, Jan. 17, 1949, p. 15, c. 6

HOLCOMB - Redwood City, January 15, 1949, Claire Wilson HOLCOMB, wife of the late William H. HOLCOMB, mother of Robert Wilson HOLCOMB of Philadelphia, native of California, funeral January 18, 1949.
INTEMANN - San Francisco, January 15, 1949, Edna Bernadine INTEMANN, wife of Hermann INTEMANN, mother of Marvin INTEMANN, daughter of Selma and the late Oscar CARLSON, grandmother of Gary and Jeffrey INTEMANN, funeral January 18, 1949, entombment at Cypress Lawn Catacombs, Colma, CA.
JONES - San Francisco, January 14, 1949, Sarah Ann JONES, wife of the late James JONES, mother of Mrs. Elizabeth GOODWIN, grandmother of Leslie and Norman GOODWIN, native of Salford, England, 70 years, funeral January 17, 1949, interment at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, CA.
KELLY - January 14, 1949, Margaret E., wife of the late Patrick J. KELLY, mother of John KELLY, Agnes HEGARTY, Mrs. Ann MC GOWAN, and the late Magaret LEE, grandmother of Marilyn LEE and Edward J. HEGARTY, mother-in-law of Andrew MC GOWAN, native of San Jose, CA, age 72.

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