Monday, July 6, 2009

San Francisco Call Bulletin, July 9, 1905, p. 48

HOLT - At Spokane, Washington, July 7, 1905, Charles H. HOLT, funeral July 11, 1905, interment, Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland.
HOFFMEISTER - San Francisco, Jul 8, 1905, Charles HOFFMEISTER, native of Germany, aged 47 years.
HUFFMAN - San Francisco, July 7, 1905, Charles Henry HUFFMAN, husband of Laura E.A. HUFFMAN, father of Mrs. Alice H. MARKS of Berkeley, Mrs. Espie A. WHITE of Marysville, and Laura, Caroline, Mercedes E., Genevieve and Milton S. HUFFMAN of Merced, Fred HARMON, Captain E.T. and Jay WALTON and the late Charles Henry Jr. and M.R. HUFFMAN, and grandfather of Charles H. MARKS and John Huffman WHITE, native of New Orleans, private funeral and interment July 10, 1905.
KILDAY- San Francisco, July 8, 1905, James J. KILDAY, son of James and Catherine KILDAY, brother of Mrs. M. FLAHAVAN, Mrs. T. DWYER, and Nellie, Lizzie, Aggie, John and the late William KILDAY, native of San Francisco. Funeral July 10, 1905, interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
LAWSON - San Francisco, July 7, 1905, Sarah A. LAWSON, widow of the late Capt. Joseph LAWSON (3rd Cavalry USA), and mother of Charles A. and Edward LAWSON, Mrs. John L. BOONE, Mrs. Frederick E. NEWHOFF, and Mrs. Gilbert B. BADGLEY, native of New York, aged 87 years, 10 months, 11 days. Funeral July 10, 1905, interment National Cemetery, Presidio.

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