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Dawson County, Montana, Birth Registry, pre-1900

Pre-1900 Dawson County (which eventually included Garfield, McCone, Richland, Prairie, and Wibaux Counties) Births:

ADAMS, Leslie Walter - Son, born July 14, 1898 to Anthony W. and Elizabeth Snasdell.

AIKEN, Lloyd Alfred - Son, born July 27, 1900 to Alfred Euclid and Cora Miskimen.

ALMY, Grace - Son, born February 13, 1886 to James S. and Helen Winsor.

ANDERSON, August - Son, born October 4, 1895 to Augustus H.A. and Emphrosia.

ANDERSON, Charles Alfred - Son, born March 9, 1896 to C.A. and Christine Danielson.

APPENZELLER - Unk., born February 10, 1899 to Alexander A. and Cora.

ATTWOOD, Cyril John - Son, born June 25, 1905 to Rev. William James A. and Gertrude Baxter.

BABB, Vernon P. - Son, born January 13, 1907 to Vernon P. and Estella Norton.

BARCUME, Lyle Nelson - Son, born April 21, 1896 to George Reilman B. and Ella Ester Newman.

BARKER, Dora Maude - Daughter, born June 28, 1896 to John Alex B. and Esther Cecilia Drake.
BARKER, Lillie E. - Daughter, born January 7, 1900 to John B. and Cecilia Drake.
BARKER, Lily Grace - Daughter, born February 15, 1899 John Alex B. and Esther Cecilia Drake.
BARKER, Orlando Beford - Son, born May 10, 1897 to John Alex B. and Esther Cecilia Drake.
BEAN - Son, born June 8, 1896 to Charles F. Bean and Henrietta Bean.

BEAN, Grace Marie - Daughter, born February 16, 1898 to Charles Frederick and Henrietta B.

BERG, Sarah Allen - Daughter, born December 24, 1897 to Ole Berg and Orifino Allen.

BERVEN - Daughter, born December 29, 1896 to Jacob K.B. and Belle Knutson.

BILYEN - Son, born January 9, 1898 to Josiah Sampson and Marie Louise.

BIRD - Son, born February 22, 1896 to H.W. Bird and Annie Bird.
BLAIS - Son, born October 17, 1896 to Eugene B. and Ernestine Lord.
BLAIS - Unk., born March 24, 1899 to Eugene O.B. and Mary Ernestine Lord.
BLAIS, Albini Eugene - Son, born March 24, 1899 to Eugene O.B. and Mary Ernestine Lord.
BOESPFLUG, Frances - Daughter, born March 25, 1905 to Frank B. and Agatha Mischel.
BOLTE - Unk., born November 15, 1895 to Fred Bolte and Elizabeth Hubbert.
BREWSTER - Daughter, born April 12, 1899 to Edwin H.B. and Libby.
BREWSTER - Daughter, born August 16, 1897 to Edwin H. B. and Elizabeth Salisbury.
BRICKELL - Son, born December 5, 1896 to Charles L.B. and Margaret Morton.
BROWN - Daughter, born December 23, 1896 to James L.B. and Effie.
BROWN, Clarence Lloyd - Son, born March 29, 1896 to Chas. Lloyd B. and Mary Margaret Roy.
BROWN, Frank - Daughter, born August 13, 1896 to Frank B. and Docia Brown.
BROWN, Leone Etta - Daughter, born August 29, 1900 to James L. and Effie Ellin.
BURDICK, Geneva - Daughter, born October 20, 1896 to Gilbert Nelson B. and Mary T. Rock.
BURDICK, Julia M. - Daughter, born Septembeer 24, 1898 to Gilbert Nelson B. and Mary T. Rock.
BURNS, Elsie Margaret - Daughter, born February 6, 1896 to Geo. Graham B. and Winifred Agnes.
BUSENBERG, Milo O. - Son, born January 9, 1898 to Elmer O. and Mabel Howard.
BUTLER - Son, born February 1, 1900 to James William Butler and Eliza Jane.
BUTLER, Francis Paul - Son, born January 2, 1907 to Frank M. and Effie May Teeter.
BUTTLEMAN, Mary Alice - Daughter, born August 10, 1905 to John Geo. B. and Grace Myrtle Redfield.

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