Sunday, July 8, 2012

Index to “Two Years Before the Mast” By Richard Henry Dana Jr. (1996 Woodsworth Edition Paperback)

Perhaps you can find an ancestor of yours in this book; here's an index:

“English” Ben
Amerzene, Andrew B.
Arthur, Capt.
Ballmer, George
Beauchamp, Mr.
Bennett, Harry
Bingham, Mr,
Bradshaw, Capt.
Brown, Bill
Brown, Richard
Bryant, Mr.
Byron, Capt. Lord
Channing, Mr.
Church, Edwin
Cox, Tom
Cringle, Tom
Downing, Jack
Doyle, Mr.
Faucon, Capt. Edward H.
Foster, Mr.
Hall, Jim
Harris, Tom
Hatch, Mr.
Holmes, Capt.
Hooper, Mr.
Jackson, Bill
Latham, Mr.
Low, Capt.
Marsh, George P.
May, Harry
Mellus, Henry
Nicholaus, Mr.
Nuttall, Professor
Nye, Capt.
Richardson, Mr.
Robinson, Alfred
Russell, Mr.
Somerby, George
Stanley, Edward
Stearns, Mr.
Stewart, Jack
Stimson, Ben
Stuart, Jack
Sturgis, Mr.
Taylor, Fr.
Temple, Mr.
Terry, Capt. Job
Thompson, Capt. Frank
Townsend, Capt. Lord James
Warner, Mr.
White, Harry
Williams, Thomas W.
Wilson, Capt.
Wrightington, Tom

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