Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Forty-Niners from Tennessee (R-S)

Index to Volunteer Forty-Niners, Tennesseans and the California Gold Rush by Walter T. Durham (R-S)

Ragsdale, E.
Rainey, William B.
Ramage, John
Ramsey, B.F.
Ramsey, Francis Alexander
Ramsey, Dr. J.G.M.
Ramsey, Mrs. J.G.M.
Ramsey, Col. William R.
Ramsey, William Wilberforce
Randall, Charles H.
Randolph, Dr. Peter
Ready, Aaron
Reed, B.H.
Reed, James F.
Reed, John A.
Reed, Margaret W.
Reeve, Clayton
Reeve, Mark
Reeve, Rebecca Foster
Reeve, Robert
Reeves, John
Register, A.G.
Reinhart (Rhineheart), E.B.
Revere, J.W.
Reynolds, N.S.
Rhea, Joseph D.
Rhine, Jim
Richards, Willard
Richmond, B.
Rickman, William T.
Riddle, Lewis
Ridley, Thomas
Riley, Brig. Gen. Bennett
Rivas, Don Patricio
Robards, William L.
Robb, Joseph M.
Roberts, Issachar Jacox
Robertson, Joseph
Robinson, Fayette
Roger, David
Rogers, A.W.
Rogers, Harriet
Roman, Richard
Rosborough, A.M.
Ross, David
Ross, John
Ross, John S.
Ross, M.
Rowen, E.
Rowland, A.
Rowland, John
Rustan, Honduras
Rudolph, M.
Rushing, Joseph L.
Russel, Geo.
Russell, Andrew Campbell
Russell, D.W.
Russell, James
Russell, John C.
Russell, R.A.
Russell, Dr. W.A.
Russell, William
Saffaran, Maj. David
Saffarans, W.H.
Sample, Robert
Sarver, J.H.
Savage, John H.
Sawyer, A.F.
Scott, William Anderson
Scrivener, Alexander
Seat, Benton Bell
Seay, George W.
Sev ier, A.D.
Sevier, G.S.T.
Sevier, Sarah A. Stringfield
Shackleford, James C.
Sharp, Lewis
Shearon, Thomas W.
Shelby, Alfred
Shelton, V.P.
Shepard, James G.
Shepard, W.H.
Shepherd, Abe
Shepherd, J.G.
Shepherd, William
Sheridan, Gen. Philip
Slater, Cornelius N.
Slatton, I.
Sloat, Commodore John D.
Small, James M.
Smith, Gen. Persifor F.
Smith, Dr. Peter
Smith, Rufus
Smothers, J.
Smothers, W.
Snapp, David Wade
Sneed, Burwell
Solomon, Maj. Perrin L.
Soule, Bishop Joshua
Springer, J.A.
Stamps, C.F.
Stamps, Mrs. C.F.
Stanton, Frederick P.
Stark, J.C.
Starkey, James
Steele, Z.D.
Steeper, C.
Stephenson, Irvin
Stephenson, Sidney
Stewart, William
Stockton, Commodore Robert F.
Stokes, Col., William B.
Stout, Dr. Joseph W.
Stout, Dr. H.J.
Stovall, W.W.
Stover, Deborah
Stover, Dr. Samuel Murray
Strasburg, Charles A.
Street, H.K.
Street, Nip
Strentzel, Dr. John Theophil
Strentzel, Louie
Strentzel, Louisiana Erwin
Stringfield, Elizabeth
Stringfield, Sarah A.
Stringfield, Sevier
Strother, B.C.
Stuart, Jacob
Stuart, J.G.
Stump, John T.
Stump, Thomas J.
Stump, Thomas J. Sr.
Sullivan, J.D.S.
Sumner, Joseph
Sutter, Capt. John A.
Swann, Maj. William
Swicegood, David
Swicegood, William

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