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Dawson Co., MT, Death Notices Jan-Feb 1993

As listed in "Ranger Review" newspaper:

AASLAND, Sven, father of Stafford Ashland.
ADAMS, Ona Mae, spouse of Alvin E. Cheadle.
ASHLAND, Hilda Ruth, spouse of Stafford Ashland.
ASHLAND, Stafford, d. Feb 1993, b. 20 Nov 1909.
BABB, Jerry, spouse of Gladys L. Waters.
BABITZKE, Eloise, spouse of Ferdinand Baisch.
BACKSTROM, Leslie, father of Gretchen L. Sexton.
BAISCH, Ferdinand, d. 30 Jan 1993, b. 5 Nov 1905.
BAISCH, Jacob, father of Ferdinand Baisch.
BARNABY, Joseph D., spouse of Merle E. Barnaby.
BARNABY, Merle Elizabeth, d. 7 Feb 1993, b. 16 Oct 1908.
BEYER, Pauline, mother of Alvin E. Cheadle.
BOEHM, Margaret, mother of Margaret Porter.
BOWNES, Catherine M., spouse of John L. Ortwein.
BROPHY, John Bernard, father of John J. Brophy.
BROPHY, John James, d. 12 Jan 1993, b. 2 Jun 1916.
BULLER, Eleanor Lillian, d. 30 Sep 1992, b. 7 Mar 1915.
BULLER, Lawrence, spouse of Eleanor L. Buller.
BURKE, Edward, father of Fr. Martin J. Burke, Ireland.
BURKE, Fr. Martin Joseph, d. 10 Jan 1993, b. 6 Jan 1920, Sacred Heart 1957-1970.
BURMAN, Hazel, mother of Raymond A. Gardner.
CHEADLE, Alvin Elnathan, d. 9 Feb 1993, b. 8 Aug 1911.
CHEADLE, Daniel, father of Alvin E. Cheadle.
CONNOLLY, Dale P., d. 31 Jan 1993, b. 23 Oct 1933.
CONNOLLY, James and Mary, parents of Dale P. Connolly.
CULLINAN, Grace L., d. 24 Jan 1993, b. 4 Nov 1902.
CURRIER, Theodore and Mary, parents of Grace L. Cullinan.
DOBROWSKI, Frances E., d. 7 Feb 1993, b. 12 Feb 1907.
DOBROWSKI, John, spouse of Frances E. Dobrowski.
EICHELBERG, Rosinna, mother of Jacob F. Roesler.
ELKINS, spouse of Edward H. Elliott.
ELLIOTT, Edward H., d. 1 Jan 1993, age 66 (Texas).
EMINETH, Stephen, father of Margaret Porter.
FASCHING, Louis, father of Loretta T. Nistler.
FRANK, Philllip, father of Gladys L. Waters.
GARDINER, Zelpha, mother of Alta Smith.
GARDNER, George, father of Raymond A. Gardner.
GARDNER, Raymond A., d. 19 Jan 1993, b. 14 Feb 1936.
GAUB, Chris, father of Hilda G. Oliver.
GEIGER, Katherine, spouse of Nick Matz.
GILBERTSON, Ole, father of Eleanor L. Buller.
GOODSON, Lucille, mother of Harold D. Stanford.
GORMAN, Bernard James, d. 21 Jan 1993, age 31, Portland, OR.
GORMAN, Henry and Ruth, parents of Bernard J. Gorman.
GUNDERSON, R., spouse of Harold D. Stanford.
GUTNECKT, Elizabeth, mother of Ferdinand Baisch.
HELLAND, Margaret, spouse of Edwin Schwartz.
HESJE, Adeline, spouse of William Vegele.
HIGLIN, Harry and Ruby, parents of Dona J. Kunka.
HINEBAUCH, Shane Steven, d. 1993, b. 4 May 1979.
HINEBAUCH, Steve and Beth, parents of Shane S. Hinebauch, Havre.
HOCHBERGER, Frederick and Hulda, parents of Richard Hochberger.
HOCHBERGER, Richard, d. 7 Jan 1993, b. 15 Dec 1907, Dutch.
HOLMES, Annie, mother of Maynard A. Newman.
HOWLAND, Betty, spouse of Raymond A. Gardner.
HULSE, Thelma LaVon, spouse of Richard Hochberger.
JOHNSON, Mary, mother of Eleanor L. Buller.
KALBERG, Grete, mother of Stafford Ashland.
KAPPAS, Christinea, mother of William Vegele.
KINANE, Mary, mother of Fr.Martin J. Burke, Ireland.
KIRSCHENMAN, Caroline, mother of Edwin Schwartz.
KOFFLER, Frances, spouse of John J. Brophy.
KOHLER, Anna, mother of Loretta T. Nistler.
KRON, Olga, spouse of Jacob F. Roesler.
KUNKA, Dona Jean, d. 8 Feb 1993, age 46.
KUNKA, Thomas J., spouse of Dona J. Kunka.
LAUBINSTEIN, Hertha, mother of Gladys L. Waters.
LAUPER, Emily C., d. 25 Dec 1992, age 73.
LAUPER, Fred, spouse of Emily C. Lauper, of California.
LEAF, Lorraine, mother of Gretchen L. Sexton.
LEICHI, Katharina, mother of Ruben A. Roesler.
LOTT, Thomas, spouse of Grace L. Cullinan.
MACABEE, Ida, mother of John J. Brophy.
MARTIN, Elizabeth, mother of Nick Matz.
MATZ, Louis, father of Nick Matz.
MATZ, Nick J., d. 5 Jan 1993, b. 3 Jan 1908.
MELAND, Violet J., d. 16 Dec. 1992, b. 16 Jan 1906.
MELAND, WALTER, spouse of Violet J. Meland.
MIESALOSKI, Frank & Mary, parents of Emily C. Lauper of Wibaux.
MULLER, Martin, father of Merle E. Barnaby.
NEWMAN, Elmer, father of Maynard A. Newman.
NEWMAN, Maynard A., d. 26 Jan 1993, b. 16 Mar 1928.
NISTLER, Ed, spouse of Loretta T. Nistler.
NISTLER, Loretta Theresa, d. 29 Jan 1993, b. 12 Sep 1912.
NIXON, Chester, father of Alta Smith.
OLIVER, Hilda Gaub, d. 29 Sep 1992, b. 31 Oct 1916.
OLIVER, Henry, spouse of Hilda G. Oliver.
OLSON, Olene, mother of Violet Meland.
ORTWEIN, Orton and Lorree, parents of John L. Ortwein.
ORTWEIN, John Lawrence, d. 29 Sep 1992, b. 14 Jun 1944.
PLAGMANN, Elizabeth A., d. 30 Sep 1992, b. 15 Aug 1916 (of Flink, Mandan Co., ND).
PLAGMANN, Melvin, spouse of Elizabeth A. Plagmann.
PORTER, Margaret, buried 27 Jan 1993, born 4 May 1910.
PORTER, Peter, spouse of Margaret Porter, Bismarck.
ROBINSON, Mary Amelita, d. 3 Feb 1993, age 83, buried Kuna, ID.
ROESLER, Christ, father of Jacob F. Roesler.
ROESLER, Christian, father of Ruben A. Roesler.
ROESLER, Jacob Fredrick, d. 12 Jan 1993, b. 15 Jun 1911.
ROESLER, Ruben A., d. 9 Feb 1993, b. 24 Sep 1923.
RUSTAD, Hans, father of Violet Meland.
SANDERS, parents of Maggie Vorhies of Ontario, WI.
SCHINDLER, Ruth, spouse of Richard Theis.
SCHMIDT, Joseph, spouse of Elizabeth A. Plagmann.
SCHWARTZ, Edwin, d. 19 Jan 1993, b. 8 May 1899.
SCHWARTZ, John, father of Edwin Schwartz.
SEXTON, Gretchen L., d. 26 Dec 1992, b. 30 Dec 1970.
SEXTON, Michael, spouse of Gretchen L. Sexton, of Idaho Falls.
SHARBONO, Christina, spouse of Harold D. Stanford.
SMITH, Alta, d. 26 Jan 1993, b. 16 Jan 1911.
SMITH, M.B., spouse of Alta Smith, Great Falls.
STANFORD, Claude, father of Harold D. Stanford.
STANFORD, Harold D., d. 18 Jan 1993, b. 14 Dec 1919.
THEIS, Nicholas and Bertha, parents of Richard Theis.
THEIS, Richard, d. 22 Jan 1993, b. 6 Dec 1929.
VEGELE, Kathryn, mother of Hilda G. Oliver.
VEGELE. Fred, father of William Vegele.
VOGELE, Arlene, daughter of Gottlieb Vogele.
VOGELE, Gottlieb, d. 3 Feb 1993, b. 27 Apr 1912.
VOGELE, John, father of Gottlieb Vogele.
VOGELE, Myron, son of Gottlieb Vogele.
VOGELE, William, d. 1 Jan 1993, b. 18 Jan 1920.
VORHIES, John, spouse of Maggie Vorhies.
VORHIES, Maggie, d. 1 Oct 1992, b. 10 Nov 1887.
WAGNER, Patricia, spouse of Dale P. Connolly.
WALTZ, Katherine, mother of Gottlieb Vogele.
WATEMBACH, Joe, brother of Frances E. Dobrowski.
WATERS, Delbert, spouse of Gladys L. Waters.
WATERS, Gladys L., d. 12 Jan 1993, b. 14 Jul 1940.
WESTER, Ernest B. and Willa, parents of June E. Wester.
WESTER, June Emily, d. 14 Jan 1993, b. 13 Jun 1923.
ZELLMER, Lydia, mother of Merle E. Barnaby.

NOTE:  Notice the VOGELE and VEGELE names were typed as printed.

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