Saturday, January 19, 2013

Loss of Lives on the Bark "Amanda" 1841

These are the 38 passengers and/or crew who perished in 1841 aboard the bark "Amanda" (copied from Roots Digest, August 1986, p. 8).

ALLAN, Thomas, Seaman.
BEAKE, Patrick, First Mate.
CARNEY, Daniel, from County Limerick.
CLANEY, Patrick, from County Limerick.
CONNORS, Jeremiah, from County Limerick.
CRAWLEY, Julie, from County Clare.
CUMMINGS, Ann, from County Galway.
CUMMINGS, Bridget, from County Galway.
CUMMINGS, Catherine, from County Galway.
CUMMINGS, Mary, from County Galway.
CUMMINGS, Mary, from County Galway.
CUMMINGS, Michael, from County Galway.
CUSACK, James, Apprentice.
EUSTACE, Catherine, from County Limerick.
FOLEY, John, Steward.
GRAHAM, John, Seaman.
HALL, Mary, from County Limerick (age 60 years).
HALL, Mary, from County Limerick.
HARDEN, Fred, from County Limerick.
HARPER, John, Seaman.
HARTE, Thomas, Seaman.
HAYNES, John, Seaman.
HIGARTY, Michael, Cook.
HINCHEY, J., from County Limerick.
HINCHEY, John, from County Limerick
HINCHEY, Margaret, from County Limerick.
HINCHEY, Maria, from County Limerick.
JOHNSON, Francis, Apprentice.
KEEFE, David, Seaman.
KENNEDY, Thomas, from County Dingle.
McINDRY, James, Carpenter.
MURRAY, Ann, from County Limerick.
O'BRIEN, John, from County Clare.
O'BRIEN, Michael, from County Clare.
O'NEILL, Patrick, from County Clare.
RENNALS, Stephen, from County Clare.
SHANNON, Patrick, Seaman.
SLATERY, James, from County Limerick.

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