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San Francisco Call Births, Marriages, and Deaths (1893)

Note:  The month and day on this early newspaper are missing, but it is definitely 1893.


HOFFMAN - In SF, 22 Feb 1893 to the wife of Bruno Hoffman, a son.
CORNELIUS - In SF, 19 Feb 1893 to the wife of Richard Cornelius, a daughter.
SPARROWE - In SF (no date) to the wife of Thomas W. Sparrowe, a son,.
MENDELSON - 12 Feb 1893 to the wife of H. Mendelson of Santa Rosa, a daughter.
RENKEN - In SSF, 19 Feb 1893, to the wife of John Renken, a son.


JOHANSEN - JANSEN - In Oakland, 21 Feb 1893, Rasmus Johansen and Anetta Jansen.
NICHOLAISEN - JORGENSEN - In Oakland, 22 Feb 1893, Christen Nicholaisen and Anne C. Jorgensen.


ALGE, Robert
BYRNES, Christopher
BERNSTEIN, Margaret R.
DORRIS, Francis T.
FRINK, George K.
GARRITY, Lizzie - In SF, 21 Feb 1893, Lizzie Garrity, sister of Mrs. George Bailey, Mrs. P. Walsh, Mrs. P. Fay, and Mrs. W. Boyce, a native of County Mayo, Ireland, aged 23 years, 2 months and 21 days.  
GAGE, John Davis - In SF, 21 Feb 1893, John Davis Gage, a native of Pelham, New Hampshire, aged 66 years and 6 months.  Interment Stockton, California.
JOHNSON, Eva Maria
MADIGAN, William
O'TOOLE, Maria A. - In SSF, 21 Feb 1893, Maria A. O'Toole, mother of Mrs. Charles Smith, a native of Dublin, Ireland, aged 69 years, 7 days.  Interment at IOOF Cemetery.
STEIFEL, Pauline - In SF, 21 Feb 1893, Pauline Steifel, wife of the late Gottlieb Steifel, mother of Helen and Pauline Steifel, a native of Stuttgart, Germany, aged 36 years, 8 months and 15 days.  Interment at IOOF Cemetery.
SUPPLE, David J.
STANWOOD, Elizabeth

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