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"San Francisco Call" Births, Marriages, Deaths, and Marriage Licenses Issued (18 Aug 1901)


FIGEL - In SF, 15 Aug 1901, to the wife of Oscar Figel, a son.
HELMS - In SF, 29 Jul 1901, to the wife of C.G. Helms, a son.
HENNING - In SF, 12 Aug 1901, to the wife of C. Henning, a daughter.
MERRILL - In SF, 13 Aug 1901, to the wife of George A. Merrill, a daughter.
ROACH - In SF, 8 Aug 1901, to the wife of J.E. Roach, a son.
ROBERTS - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, to the wife of J.C. Roberts, a daughter.
SLATE - 16 Aug 1901, to the wife of John E. Slate, a daughter.
SCOTT - In SF, 13 Aug 1901, to the wife of H.S. Scott, a daughter.
SMITH - In Petaluma, 5 Aug 1901, to the wife of R.J. Smith, a son.
THAIN - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, to the wife of Frederick Thain, a daughter.


ALLEN - MORTENSEN - In SF, 15 Aug 1901, Charles I. Allen and Maria Mortensen, both of SF.
ARNHOLD - RENKEN - In SF, 10 Aug 1901, Eugene M. Arnhold and Wilhelmine Renken.
CLARKIN - BARRETT - In San Rafael, 27 Apr 1901, Thomas F. Clarkin and Mary T. Barrett, both of SF.
DONNELL - ADAMS - In SF, 11 Aug 1901, William J. Donnell and Caroline Adams.
GRAY - CRUMMEY - In SF, 12 Aug 1901, William P. Gray and Lillian T. Crummey, both of SF.
NEWPORT - DINEEN - In SF, 14 Aug 1901, Lawrence W. Newport and Catherine A. Dineen, both of SF.


ALBERT, Louis - In SF, 13 Aug 1901, Louis Albert, a native of SF, aged 36 years, 11 months and 26 days.  Interment Masonic Cemetery.
BARTLETT, Domitilla - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, Domitilla, wife of Joseph L. Bartlett, sister of Mrs. Minnie Beeman, Mrs. Mollie Williams and Matt Oreamano, a native of California, aged 42 years and 5 months.
BASIZZA, George - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, George, husband of the late Nicolina Basizza, father of George Basizza and cousin of Nick Sersen, a native of Dlemesia, Meleda, Austria, aged 69 years.  Funeral 18 Aug 1901, interment Mount Calvary Cemetery.
BRADY, Edward - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, Edward, son of James and Rose Brady, and brother of Rose Brady, a native of New Jersey, aged 23 years, 9 months and 1 day.  Funeral 18 Aug 1901, interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
CANAVAN, Martin - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, Martin, husband of Hannah Canavan, a native of County Wicklow, Ireland, aged 65 years.  Funeral 18 Aug 1901, interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
FARRELL, Thomas - In SF, 17 Aug 1901, Thomas, husband of Margaret Farrell, son of the late John and Mary A. Farrell, brother of the late Maria Kennedy and Mrs. Annie Dunne, uncle of John F. and Thomas E. Kennedy and John and Emily Dunne, a native of New York, aged 46 years and 5 months.
GISLER, Maria - In SF, 17 Aug 1901, Maria Gisler, wife of Joseph Gisler, mother of Charles Gisler and Ida Oschwanden of Switzerland, cousin of Mrs. Josephine Reber and Maria Regli, a native of Buerglen, Canton Uri, Switzerland, aged 47 years and 6 months.
HOLMES, Robert - In SF, 17 Aug 1901, Robert Holmes, son of Harold C. and Evelyn Holmes, a native of SF, aged 4 months and 6 days.
INGELL, George P. - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, George Percy, son of Percy and Elizabeth Ingell, a native of SF, aged 4 years, 2 months and 24 days.  Interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
LEVY, Samuel - In SF, 16 Aug 1901, Samuel Levy, husband of Salamithe Levy, father of John C. and Isidor Levy, a native of Alsace, aged 75 years, 4 months and 28 days.  Funeral 19 Aug 1901, interment private.
NEWTON, William G. - In Oakland, William G. Newton, son of Ellen and the late George Newton, brother of Hattie, Loron, and Annie Newton, a native of SF, aged 27 years, 1 month and 20 days.
O'BRIEN, John - In SF, 17 Aug 1901, John, husband of Bridget O'Brien and father of Thomas O'Brien, a native of Ireland, aged 51 years.  Funeral 19 Aug 1901, interment Holy Cross Cemetery.
PERKINS, Dr. C.O. - In Petaluma, 16 Aug 1901, Dr. C.O. Perkins, husband of Jennie E. Perkins, father of Dr. Harry F.Perkins of Occidental, Dr. Edward W. Perkins of SF and Charles B. and Ralph G. Perkins of Petaluma and brother of Mrs. A.D. Moody of South Windsor, Maine, and Mrs. E.V. Ford of Pemaquid, Maine.  A native of South Windsor, Maine, aged 56 years, 5 months and 4 days. Funeral 18 Aug 1901, interment Cypress Hill Cemetery.
RENCUREL, Marie - In Altruria, California, 16 Aug 1901, Marie Rencurel (nee Lenormand) wife of the late Auguste Rencurel, mother of Bertha L. and Augustine Rencurel, a native of France, aged 49 years, 2 moths and 14 days.  Funeral 19 Aug 1901.
SERVANT, Wentworth - In SF, 15 Aug 1901, Wentworth P., husband of Kate Servant, a native of Nova Scotia, aged 43 years and 23 days.  Funeral 18 Aug 1901, interment Cypress Lawn Cemetery.
TAYLOR, Gertrude B. - In SF, 17 Aug 1901, Gertrude Burns Taylor, daughter of James and Annie Taylor, a native of SF, aged 1 month.
WHITE, Thomas - In SF, 14 Aug 1901, Thomas White, husband of Mary A. White.  Interred 17 Aug 1901.
WISE, Rosa - In Seattle, Washington, 12 Aug 1901, Rosa, wife of the late Edward Wise, sister of Louise Brandt, niece of Louis W. Pfeiffer and Mrs. Mary Walton, a native of SF.  Funeral 18 Aug 1901, interment Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Marriage Licenses Issued 17 Aug 1901:

DUNNE - CRAMER - Clement E. Dunne 34, Erie, Pennsylvania, and Georgia M. Cramer, 20, Tiburon.
TRAUNER - FROMHOLZ - Max Trauner, 33, and Paula Fromholz, 27, both SF.
SMITH - CHAMBERS - Thomas S. Smith, 36, and Sarah F. Chambers, 37, both Los Angeles.
GRAHAM - GANNON - Anthony Graham, 35, and Hannah E. Gannon, 30, both SF.
RATCLIFFE - SMITHIES - Robert J. Ratcliffe, 32, and Bessie Smithies, 32, both Oakland.
POOLE - LEONARD - Eben Poole, 55, and Tereda Leonard, 45, both SF.
GORMAN - CARTER - David L. Gorman, 21, and May B. Carter, 21, both SF.
SKINNER - MAXFIELD - Alfonzo M. Skinner, 24, Norfolk, Virginia, and Olie A. Maxfield, 21, Port Angeles, Washington.
GOODWIN - WOEST - Elias H. Goodwin, 22, and Edith L. Woest, 19, both SF.
TOWNSEND - SOULE - Richard L. Townsend, 22, Crockett, and Nellie G. Soule, 19, San Jose.
ROSE - MORRIS - Jess Rose, 36, and Marie I. Morris, 27, both Santa Rosa.
GOUDEL - GINESTE - Louis Goudel, 26, and Louise Gineste, 30, both SF.
THRASHER - BELL - Carroll Thrasher, 25, and Florence M. Bell, 18, both SF.

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